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tv   [untitled]    September 23, 2013 10:00pm-10:31pm PDT

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men as well as who are struggling to take on the obligations. we really wld like to applaud the approach this this legislation takes to opening up dialog between employers and employees. we've seen and heard from others this is about shifting the culture of the with that. i think we can look to our experience with encouraging the interact active process with the discrimination law and we've seen how that law has come into being it's encouraged the integrate active process to look at our underlying assumption. we're talking about a lot of stereotypes. but they go beyond gender. it encourages us a society to
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look at what we can tribal and a good afternoon president chiu and supervisor wiener and a kim. i'm the co-founder of the san francisco parents political action committee. our oxygen's it happy to officially support this legislation. we think it's a very good step in the right direction for, you know, some more familiar friendly san francisco. i want to acknowledge something that president chiu said earlier. i think it's amazing we leave in a city with the business leadership of san francisco has not opposed this it's not officially in the supportive
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column it speaks to the real special plays that san francisco is that we can have people like jim lazarus and others not being opposed to this ordinance. you know, i think this is something that's in a larger context of keeping families in san francisco and it's a good beginning to a conversation and i know you've all been huge supporters of the folks in san francisco. there are any pieces we need to work on so thank you >> thank you for your work and a next speaker. >> hi. i work with the next generation and work with the statewide family coalition. we work on with that policy in
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the state. i really want to express in my appreciation especially for president chu's leadership on this issue. there so many benefits and our work group really seeing our group is workers and parents so we can be both things. and one of the things i love about our laws we have in california is the recognize that providing recognition and care when your and caregiver your family needs you there and that makes such a difference. i'm in a flexible workplace and i love this challenging job but four days a week i walk my
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between you daughters to school. so i appreciate this beginning with conversation and we're going to be involved >> thank you any other members of the public that wishes to speak line up on the left-hand side. whoever wants to come up >> i'm charley an view point. >> i'm the co-founder and continued member of the need not. i'm going to read a brief statement which was recently published in the colonial. families represent the fundamental unit of a society. yet san francisco is experiencing children that fact
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or facts impacts the different. in this urban environment in which families struggle every year the board of supervisors president chiu could not be more welcome. month nonprofit organizations have these proposals in plays. the expectation is articulated for family strength. the stadiums underscored that paying attention to the needs of staff is just as important for the quality it's our firm belief it employers who demonstrate understanding and flexibility for the appreciation that supports moral. san francisco families are needed and we the general public need to join together in this
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issue >> thank you. >> next speaker. >> good afternoon. i work with parents with young children mostly. i belong to the sandwich generation. i live with my mother and two teenage children's. i work in an organizations that allows for flextime i work with the parents and this make sense but many of the parents and the parents don't have this flexible time in their workplace. this would help families in dramatic ways or ways that just makes work more productive and workers more efficient. for example, being able to drive
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pie mom to a doctor's appointment or come in a lot later to work. i heard a crash and i saw my mom was on the floor. we able at the e.r. for 5 hours until the wee hours of the morning so having the flexion time allowed me to come in a little bit later. families are fatiguing extreme pressure from work from raising young children and this flextime would help workers. it shouldn't require legislation for this common sense policy but if that's what it takes to protect the employees from
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barbara backlash so be it. workers can adjust their time and i applaud your support and supervisor chu for taking a lead-in this and i also - >> next speaker. >> good afternoon. i'm jane bernard powers i'm with the democratic women in action. i support in what i believe is a really important issue and ordinance. and i want to talk about two things. first, the change in workplace culture. when i did my dissertation it was called for the rest of education in the young women in the progressive era.
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i stepped down into the workplace in the turn of the century. you all know that the employer employee relationship was found you could specialize and we thought this was wonderful by as a culture that effected much of the way we thought about the workplace in the last century. this change this family friendly suggests it's time for us to really rethink the way we position employees and employers that since then if you're an employee you have an investment to what happens in the workplace and you have the need to ask for flexible time for your kids being sick my nephews had two children and if she gets sick
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that's bad news in the workplace. i've spent a lot of times in school listening to taverns who bemoaned their parents couldn't come in. as a parents you want to come in and mothers especially, if they have something to attend to, they have - >> thank you very much. >> are there other members of the public who wish to speak on this issue. >> seeing none. >> public comment is closed. >> i have a couple of
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concluding comments. i want to address this letter they want to rental the support sf w pc recognitions the issue and we lend our full support we hope its passage is smooth and hope it's implemented soon. i'll provide this to those the clerk. i want to mention in the first draft to the legislation when we introduced this in the late string there were some provisions to address issues we've heard about work ability from many schedules. there ought to be at least one or two weeks for individuals working tight shifts.
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there has not been a result we want to nouns i'll be convening a working group between others who are interested to see 23 we can't move that conversation forward. as i alluded to earlier i want to make one amendment to the ordinance that was an issue raise by advocates and city staff as well as by business community about the importance to doing outreach and education around the law. so i want to read going into the right add a new section that reads the dependent on the statutes of women and the office of enforcement should have a workplace program to educate
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employees about their programs and it will make the materials assessable to employers and employees and we'll take appropriate technical changd changes to add this as well as on page 189 of the ordinance. the last thing again, i want to thank everyone who's been part of this journey. i know this is a relatively new conversation for our city and state and country by all of you who are championing those issues we i think my colleagues have lead to make sure we're addressing other issues to address caregiver needs whether it comes to increasing more money for our schools and supervisor wiener's issues we
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supported work around housing but this is one important piece of the puzzles how we help our caregivers take care of the early generations and i want to thank you all to move this forward and colleagues, i hope we'll be able to move this out of the committee. >> thank you, president chiu as moved to adopt certain amendments. their adopted >> i wanted to thank president chu's office and the many advocates. as a woman myself in a field that's dominated by me up i work with staff with two women and their managing family both
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seniors and children. it has been a huge i guess you don't say lifeguard movement. we have one mom who has 3 kids who has to leave in the middle of the day and so many issues around after school. in our office we have a flexible work schedule. he understand that working mothers and fathers we need to help them while they're off doing an incredible job. i'm certainly happy to see this go through and all private employers should be adopting. i'm hoping this will create more dialog amongst our businesses.
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i also look forward to working with some of you i know have long been involved in proportion h and it's still important to be incredibly responsible. this the one piece of this where president chiu has stated after schools processes is important and i look forward to working on that. i want to make a representations to move forward >> i'm happy to support this legislation. i also want to thank president chiu for the work you and your staff did to moving us to this point or i know this was first introduced and a ballot measure i know there was a fair amount of dialog and i do not like listing in the newspapers and so forth. i want to commend you and your staff for instead of just either
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- those who agreed and disagreed for coming up with a conversation that has positive impacts on our residents and is a piece of legislation we can all be proud of so thank you. with that we have a motion to forward to the board that that with a positive recommendation we'll take to out observation >> madam clerk do we have any more business for today? >> that concludes our business. >> the meeting is
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>> ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the september 23, 2013. the san francisco small business commission. the meeting is called to order. >> i will conduct a roll call. commissioner adams, here, dwight, here, o'brien, cartagena, riley, here. commissioner white? white is on her way and dooley has an excused absence. >> thank you, mr. president.
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item no. 2, public comment. anyone wish to make a comment on items that are not on the agenda? >> seeing none, public comment is close. >> item no. 3, approval of the september 9, 2013, meeting minutes. >> second to approve. >> all in favor say, "aye".? >> aye. >> next item. no. 4. discussion and possible action to make recommendation to the board of supervisors on board of supervisors file 130781. we expected a presentation by earthquake and safety. this is a discussion and possible action item. but we would like to continue this to a future meeting. >> we have a motion to continue this to a future meeting. >> so moved. >> second.
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>> all in favor say, "aye". >> aye. >> do we have any public comment on item no. 4 before we make that motion? seeing none, public comment is closed. now do we have a motion? >> second again. >> all in favor say, "aye". >> aye. >> thank you. that will take us to item no. 5, presentation and discussion on mobile retail and services. this is discussion only and i will be providing the staff presentation. >> thank you, mr. murdock. commissioners, thank you for having me back regarding mobile retail. i came in february and provided an initial presentation to the commission.
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commissioner riley requested that i come back to provide an update on the steps that have been taken by the office of small business since then to move this concept forward. just going to provide a brief update today on the major activities that have happened since february. things are moving forward, but one step at a time. we don't want to rush forward. we want to cover each step thoroughly engaged with all the proper parties to come up with the best possible program. for those that may not beware that are viewing at home, mobile retail is a development of a new citywide program to permit retail and services from and within motor vehicles on the streets. many people maybe familiar with the mobile food program. it's the similar concept in that vehicles are involved but includes goods and services that are non-food items. it has a much wider possibility. since
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february we have been trying to conduct extensive merchant outreach. we have presented information to the union association, the c bd consortium and there is a working group comprised of many different merchant groups that have not received presentations and there are presentations i made last thursday that i made to the west portal association. tomorrow evening i will present to the bay view merchants association and discuss the concept with them. one item that has come up several times from the traditional merchant community is the fairness in all aspect of the mobile retail program and one was in regards to disabled access. we engaged with the certified specialist ak -- access. they came out
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and conducted measurements face they were conducting business from a brick and mortar face -- facility. all was addressed by the inspector. the focus is on readily achievable improvements like retail space. some common things as far as the design. then identifying the best way to move from the curb to the truck because most of these businesses require a customer to come up to the vehicle. as well as focusing on alternative service arrangements due to the unique challenges of getting someone in and out of a vehicle may not be possible depending on the disability. there may be
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notification buzzards and providing exterior changes for those clothing retails in case they have changing room inside the vehicle. we also try to provide more data in terms of who those retailers are. there are difference in opinions. we are trying to get facts and we ask the west coast mobile retail association to pull it's membership and the figures that came back as you can see here show a typical start up cost of about $20,000 and typical monthly carrying cost have $1400-1500. we asked the mobile groups to fill out a questionnaire and how they fit into those corridors and examples of what those were. of note, this were certain goods and services missing including
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bicycle rental, educational tutoring services and medical and shoe repair and pharmacy. when retail may increase for traffic. so the cited to post holiday series and as well as other weekends when other businesses are closed. as far as time limits. most folks thought there's a need for a limit but there wasn't a lot of consensus on what that should be. i want to leave it up to individual corridors. additional concern of course cherry pickier where mobile retailers can come in and leave time and date to the constituents. you can see other concerns on the screen. also from the working group, from the existing merchant members that came to city hall on two occasions now, they want a simple identifiable license so
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they know who the vendors are and who maybe operating in violation of the law and with whom to contact to file complaints. they don't want the run around from anybody not in compliance with the program. we are trying to address the location standards. they want an upscale uniform or some sort of standards for the truck appearance and size. there is concerns about vehicles that are too tall, too long, or maybe in various states of disrepair that wouldn't necessarily look like they are part of a legitimate permitting program. we are trying to follow a concept for grouping mobile retail and service uses so it's easy to regulate. some merchant areas maybe more appropriate for difference mixes and goods and services. we are trying to group them to say this group makes sense and this doesn't. we have done that
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in six different groupings, retail and business services, professional service, financial service and medical services and trade shops. we are trying not to reinvent the wheel. we are trying to follow the same model for something that might be in a mobile vehicle. of the groups, retail services we expect to be the biggest category. there is a couple of slides here that just sort of identify specific types of uses, of course an apparel, footwear and standard retail offerings. excluded are food
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programs and tobacco sales. there has been a lot of concern from merchants regarding medical cannabis, and those aren't proposed, nor are any that require secondary license from the police department. these are other groupings, businesses and professional services, your typical professional office type of businesses. personal service, grooming, related activities. excluded from that would be tattoo parlors and massage therapist. in february, due to state law, commissioner mentioned at the last meeting regulating state certified, gets touchy when it comes to medical services. if
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there is an issue with this, we'll have to figure out how to address this. limited financial services. these are financial institutions less than 200 square feet excluding atm machines. anything from tayloring and there is concerns about noise and we are identifying ways to limit by motor size to make sure we don't have large industrial types to cause problems for the neighborhood. as far as operating locations, since we came up with the concept of the different types of program, we tried to narrow it down significantly and trying to
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identify zoning where mobile operators maybe able to visit. we are trying to narrow it down to specific intersection and numbers of vehicles so this is more certainty for traditional merchant groups and not much of a wild card where mobile retailers can park in front of shops and block the views. we are trying to narrow that down with more specification. some initial site criteria that develop general feedback. parking not on a main thorough fair but on a side street next to the corridor to prevent blocking from existing facades and make sure biking lanes are not blocked, not near a residential use. some angle spaces would make it difficult to get


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